Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2021


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Straw yellow with greenish highlights.


Citrusy notes of lime and grapefruit that tighten to hints of balsamic herbs and white musk.


The impact on the palate is savory and very fresh.

The acidity is well balanced by a balanced and dynamic structure. The finish is savory and juicy.


Fish and shellfish dishes.




Up to 5 years

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Vernaccia di San Gimignano


This white wine comes from the hills of our estate in the town of San Gimignano. The medium-textured, skeleton-rich soils impart freshness and saltiness in our wines.

Vernaccia wine is made from 100% Vernaccia grapes. The grapes are all harvested in early September by hand into small 12-kg crates. They are then refrigerated at 3°C for 24°C to allow subsequent processing at low temperatures so the must does not oxidize, preserving the aromas of the grapes and future wine.

Initially the grapes are pressed at low pressures (about 0.6 atm) and the resulting must is decanted for 48 hours at 9°C to clarify. After decanting the clear must, increasing the temperature to around 14°C, alcoholic fermentation begins and will last at least 2 weeks. Once the must has become wine it is racked off and kept for 6 months in steel on its “fine lees,” that is, its natural deposit created by the cellular contents of its no longer active yeasts, which with weekly stirrings impart softness, aroma and stability to the future wine over time.

Harvesting is done in October by hand in small crates, and the grapes are immediately pressed softly. The must is placed in steel thyme and after about two to three days spontaneous fermentation starts without the addition of selected yeasts. The wine stays eight months on the fine vetches produced by fermentation. It is bottled without filtration. It is a wine made from an ancient grape and in a terri torio of great and historic tradition with a system that leaves as much as possible to the vineyard and grapes to express themselves in the glass.

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