Alsecco Igt - White Wine

Igt Alsecco


This IGT Toscana Bianco comes from the highest hills of our company, where the most mineral and stony soils guarantee a good ripeness and acidity synonymous with freshness to our product.

The Alsace wine is made from Vermentino and Trebbiano grapes.

The grapes are all harvested at the beginning of September by hand in small boxes of 12 kg.

They are then refrigerated at 3° C by 24° C to allow the subsequent processing at low temperatures so as not to oxidize the must, preserving the aromas of the grapes and future wine.

Initially the grapes are pressed at low pressures (about 0.6 atm) and the must that emerges from it is decanted for 48 hours at 9°C to clear up. After the transfer of the unrestricted must, increasing the temperature around 15/16 °C, begins the alcoholic fermentation that will last at least 2 weeks. Once the must has become wine it is poured and kept for 6 months in steel on its “fine scum”, that is, its natural deposit created by the cellular content of its no longer active yeasts, which with weekly stirring give over time softness, aromas and stability to the future wine.


Straw yellow with Golden reflections


It opens with intense citrus and yellow fruit notes such as peach and apricot, accompanied by the varietal note of fresh hazelnut. They expand in succession recalls of Mediterranean spices such as Sage and mineral and marine notes.


Fresh, full and enveloping, with fruity and aromatic pulp, the finish is long and persistent with rich mineral sapidity and elegant fullness, excellent acid vein.


It goes well with appetizers and first courses based on vegetables, perfect with raw fish, shellfish, second courses of Fish and in particular fish fry.

Serving temperature

10°C – 12°C


Up to 5 years

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