Kitri Igt - Pink Wine

Igt Kitri


This IGT Toscana Rosato comes from the first harvest of our Sangiovese located in the highest hills of our company, in medium-mixed soils with rich presence of skeleton or stones that guarantee a good freshness and proper soil moisture guaranteeing good ripening to the grapes and great aromas to our product.

Kitri wine is made from Sangiovese and Merlot grapes “vinified in white” or without the presence of skins.

The grapes are all harvested at the beginning of September by hand in small boxes of 12 kg.

They are then refrigerated at 3 °C by 24 °C to allow the subsequent processing at low temperatures so as not to oxidize the must, preserving the aromas of the grapes and future wine.

Initially the grapes are macerated in a press for a few hours to allow the juice to absorb the color necessary to give life to our rosato, then it is pressed at low pressures (about 0.6 atm) and the must that emerges is decanted for 48 hours at 9°C to clear up. After the transfer, the must, thus unimpeded, increasing its temperature around 15/16 °C, begins to ferment. Alcoholic fermentation will last at least 2 weeks. Once the must has become wine it is transferred and kept for 6 months in steel on its “fine scum”, that is, its natural deposit created by the cellular content of its inactive yeasts that, placed in weekly stirring, give over time softness, aromas and stability to the future wine. The slight stay in the press of skins and must allows the extraction of the colorful components characteristic of rosé wine and the typical aromas of red fruit that pleasantly taste in the glass.


Pink tending to powder


Elegant with fruity scents that recall cherry and black cherry, persistent and fine


Balanced, good persistence aromas of red fruit and flowers, good acidity and salinity on the palate.


Suitable for aperitifs but also for any meal, excellent with white meats, fish soups, pizza, cold cuts, and fresh medium-aged cheeses.

Serving temperature

10°C – 12°C


Up to 3 years

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